Waste processing equipment BEER RESIDUE PROCESSING LINE

Beer residue processing line

The line allows processing of the brewing industry waste - beer residue - into the dry product with high protein content (20-25%), which can be used as ecologically pure fodder additive for cattle and birds feeding.

Line operation principle

 Liquid residue (80% of moisture) from the collecting tank goes to the press where it is separated into two phases: the one with low content of solid substances (centrifuge water), and the other one as a wet cake (65-70% moisture content), rich in solid substances. After the press the second phase (the wet cake) goes into the collecting bunker from which it is taken by the screw dozer to the dryer where the product is dehydrated to approximately 10% of residue moisture.

The dried product from the dryer through the hatch goes by the screw conveyor to the noria where the product is lifted and loaded to the bunker, collector of the finished product, from which it is served to packing in sacks or is dispatched unpacked.